Adina and Jasmine

Adina and Jasmine

I had a nice conversation with Adina and Jasmine. They are my senior’s daughters who came to our apartment this evening.

Adina is six years old and Jasmine is eleven. They’re beautiful. Their mother, Lisa, came from the same hometown with me, Makassar, Indonesia.

Adina just put her plate on the table when I and Wiwid asked her to come and talk with us. She was kind of shy but she came in to us.

I asked about her school, and she told me about the name of her school but I didn’t catch it. She said that she’s kinda a good student. She got yellow more than green. Green means great. Yellow means there’s something wrong but you still can work on it. And red means you have call your parents to school. She never gets red.

She told me about her sister, Jasmine, how often they fight each other just because of comb or anything else. She told us that she forgot once when she went to Makassar, Indonesia, because she was two years old that day. Maybe Jasmine still remembered it. We told her that she have to see Indonesia, because it’s a beautiful country. She knows some words in Indonesia like; terima kasih for thanks and sama-sama for your welcome.

When I asked her, if she likes to read or not, she answered that Jasmine read a lot of books than she did. So, I called Jasmine to come gather with us and talk.

If Adina is cute, Jasmine is pretty. I think every girls are beautiful, aren’t they? When she came, she sat between me and Wiwid. Jasmine told us about the books that she usually read. It calls, “Warriors”. When Adina told me that it’s a cat story, I couldn’t believe it was true so I confirmed it to Jasmine and she said, yes. “Cat is a main character?” I asked her.

She didn’t read Harry Potter although she liked a magic story. Her father told her that Harry Potter’s books contained more detail than it’s movies. So, if they wanted to know the story, just watched the movie. I told her, that was not pretty much true, because I enjoyed the books than the movies. I suggested her to read the books.

I really like them. It’s just interesting to listen how they spoke, how the words came out so easily. I like their accent and their style was so funny. I hope I could meet them next time while I’m still in Tucson.

Tucson, 2010

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