Beautiful Kodingareng Keke

Nothing can compare my amazement by looking down from window plane when the aircrafts took off to the sky, leaving Makassar to Jakarta 2 weeks ago. That was the first time I’ve seen all of the isle in Sulawesi with a blue sky and blue-greenish sea. It’s just so beautiful, everything just so broad, deep, green and unfold.

I whispered, “Subhanallah…” and expected the pane become bigger so I could have seen more and more.

I knew that Indonesia had more than 17,000 isle. 5 of them are the biggest: Sumatera, Jawa, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua. Maluku, in addition, is a island with a thousand isle and islet around it. Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Komodo are lies in the south of Maluku.

Suddenly, I remembered my trip to one of the island in Sulawesi Selatan, about 14 kilometres from Makassar city on September 2011. The island named Kodingareng Keke. I came together with my friends from Anging Mammiri and Astamedia Group; Kak Nani, Astrid, Umroh, Kak Iqko and his a lot friends. We had fun there!

Maybe pictures would describe more than I could write here. You should come to see its beauty by your eyes since seeing is believing. The clear air, white sand, bright sky, blue and deep water with various coral and reefs lied under the sea. It’s precious and priceless place to see!

You can reach Kodingareng Keke by boat from Kayu Bangkoa harbor, Makassar. You just paid about Rp.50.000,-. This island is slightly remote, you will find no population of people here. So, come with your friends and lover here and experience the beauty of this island!


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