A Mother Who Cook a Stone

Once upon a time, in the little and remote village near Madinah, lived a widow with her only one daughter who suffered for hunger. The Daughter keep crying and craving for food to her mother but she only replied by, “Just wait for a little longer, it hasn’t ripen yet” while the Mother sat beside the stove, stirring up the pan, again and again. Dawn till midnight.

That was a hard time for Madinah. There’s almost no rain for a year, failed harvest, many animals found death, the color of the land become grey like ashes. Many people desperate for food.

Umar bin Khattab leads Madinah to be strong. He commands his worker to slaughtered camels in order his citizen keeps alive. He distribute the meat to all the people in Madinah. For Umar himself, there’s only olive oil and milk to eat. He pronounced that he wouldn’t eat properly until his citizen live better.

One day, Umar bin Khattab and Aslam, walk around the village near Madinah. Soon, Umar heard someone sobbed and cried. He and Aslam came closer to the source of sound. It was a girl who cried for food to her Mother.

He came into the tent, approached the Mother.
“Assalamu alaikum, why did she cry?”
“Wa alaikum salam. She’s hungry”. the Mother still sitting near the stove, stirring up the pan.
Umar asked again.
“What did you cook? what took it so long to be ripen?”
“You see yourself”

Umar find himself in a confusion, he shocked. He looked out The Mother is cooking a stone!
“Why are you cooking a stone?”
“This is because the evil Umar Bin Khattab!” the Mother swearing. “Umar is our leader but he can’t see poor people who lived in this village, far from the city, like us. He only distribute the food to the wealth people, people who lived in city. Look at us, I am a widow and my daughter need food. I asked her to fasting since I’m hoping food will coming in the evening. But there is no food until night. I’m pretending to cook something until she tired and fall asleep. But she keeps awake because she’s hungry.”

Umar’s tears streaming down his face. Soon, he and Aslam get back to Madinah. Without any intermission, he carry a sack of wheat on his shoulder to that widow’s place.

“Wake your daughter up to eat” Umar said to the Mother.
“Thank you very much. May Allah blessed you”.
“Tomorrow, come visit Umar bin Khattab. He will give you compensation fund”
That widow nodded.

The next day, the widow shocked when she met Khalifah Umar Bin Khattab for herself. She didn’t expect that the man who helped her yesterday was Umar bin Khattab, her leader.

with all my respect to Rasulullah’s bestfriend: Khalifah Umar bin Khattab.


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