Gnothi Seauton

Gnothi Seauton means knowing yourself. I read that somewhere I can’t remember. Well then, how well you know yourself?
For me it’s not something that you can find out for a day or a month. It takes years if you lucky enough. For some, it takes their whole life.
For example I just realized that I am perfectionist one. I just can’t accept it as my character because I think it’s not the best characteristic that people might have.
But now I’ll get used to it.
I know I get it from my mother.

so, how well do you know yourself?


2 thoughts on “Gnothi Seauton

  1. Gnothi Seauton…. entah bahasa apa itu.. tapi dari buku2 psikologi saya mengenal “self knowledge” seperti itumi juga mungkin…

    I know that i am not an ordinary man, i am the special one that sometimes can talk a lot, and in another time be a silent one….

    Ow, other way to know yourself is by asking your friend, but make sure that he/she tell you the truth….

    *lumayan pede pake bahasa nggris yg asal-asalan đŸ™‚

    1. you say it well! Haha. kalo itu kyknya semua org sdh tau, Kak. talk active sometimes, silent one sometimes. Hehe. Yang penting bisa tau diri sndiri itu sdh bagus banget mi. thanks for stopping by, appreciate it much!

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