Work Hard Play Harder

As I mentioned like thousand times that my work is tiring me inside and outside. I need to find another work to do as a job. Now I just to stay for 3 months ahead. Then I am going to quit. I need a break.

I’d love to spent my money on stuff. I like being lost in mall alone. Just explore shop by shop by myself. If I take an escalator, I like to see my reflection in a wide mirror beside me until it’s gone. It’s playful, and somehow, that could make me smile and feel better.

I love discounts. But I prefer finding an appropriate price for stuff. The more I do it, the more I’m expert about it. Now I know if the price fit or not. Is it too expensive, or is it an even price.

Geez, maybe I will turn to be a fashion designer. Hahaha.



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