Dear Mama,

I haven’t called you, it’s been almost a week. I am sorry. My life lately been reckless and messy. I don’t like it either but I just started to feel comfortable. And that’s bad.

If you were here, you absolutely going to slap my ass to wake me up every dawn of the day. I miss you.

Ma, I am in doubt now. This is about my job. You don’t like it and you asked me the other day to quit, to resign and get the better one. The problem is, I started to fit in here. I feel like this is the only one and the best I can do. This isn’t my dream job and it wouldn’t make me a rich person someday. But, I don’t know. I just cannot imagine if I put myself work in another place. Job without writing in it? What kind of the profession I would be?

You know, writing is my passion since I found it. Of course I want to be near you. It’s hard living yet working far from you. But, I always feel I can defend. I can hold on. It’s hard being in here. But I want to work on it.

I want to conquer something. Or maybe if it works, I can conquer someone either. So, please forgive me and support me, my mother. You are the sunshine of my life. And Dad is the apple of my eye. I love you with all my heart.



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