When Relationship Ends

I found @ikanatassa tweets about this and I can’t help the urge to not repost them here. Saat satu hubungan berakhir, kita memang hanya punya dua pilihan, membenci atau membuang perasaan kita. Saya tidak bisa membenci, satu hal itu sulit sekali dilakukan untuk orang yang tidak berbuat jahat padamu, you know. So, I choose to unlove. Membuang perasaan. Susah dan butuh waktu memang, tapi selalu ada kesempatan untuk menjalani prosesnya.

@ikanatassa :
When relationship ends, to hate and to unlove is totally two different things.
Hating is easy. To unlove takes the courage of the heart to let go.
And the willingness of the head to not forget but diminish the meaning of what you remember.
Forgetting is bullshit. You can’t forget. It’s physically and mentally impossible. Unless you suddenly got amnesia.
To unlove you need to remember, not forget. Remember when and where it felt so right, and when and where it went wrong.
And remember sometimes 1 wrong can beat 1000 rights. Sometimes 1 wrong is all it takes



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