Nice Conversation

I just had a really nice conversation with my new friend named Ai’. He is a man. He is 26 years old. What we talked is about marriage, future, a good person, our dream, etc.

Which I never talked about it with a man before.

I told him that tomorrow is my 25 years old birthday. Now I’m too young not to get married. But I still have no boyfriend or even close friend to think about to be my mate.

And he said that 25 years old for woman is a caution age.

Which is too stressful to think about.

But I still feel nice for he want to talked about it further.

He is not married yet too. But he is planning to do it this year.

Haaaa, it’s raining outside. Let’s just sleep. Its voice too good to be missed not to sleep.

Good night!

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