It Hurts But It’s Memorable

Saya sudah lupa kapan tepatnya saya mengerjakan sesuatu sampai menangis. Sampai tadi sore, saat teaching session ku kelar. Kemudian Ms Aini and Mr Indra membeberkan what I must improve and fix about my teaching technic. It hurts when Mr I bilang apa yang saya ajarkan itu “kosong”. It means nothing. It keeps echoing until now in my head.

I cried in the bathroom.

I was stupid.

I mean Riana, it’s been 3 weeks and tak ada perbaikan yang signifikan? Please dule. But what to tell? Grammar is hard. Teaching grammar is the hardest part ever. Besides, I am only 3 weeks old there. Huhuhuuuu. God please help.

Anyway, last night I taught Mom how to pronounce “fried rice”. So when she went to canteen this morning, she showed off that words to her friends. Hahaha.

Semoga semua worthed ya Allah. I really love to learn English so I must to work really hard for this.



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