Ramadhan Mubarak!

Ramadhan is coming! I am so lucky and blessed getting the chance to meet this holy-once-in a year-month.

Selamat beribadah for all Muslim all over the world! May Allah grants us with a good condition to pray the whole month.


How I Knew E.E. Cummings

It was Cameron Diaz, the actress who plays on “In Her Shoes” movie. I watched her reading E.E. Cumming’s “I Carry Your Heart With Me” and I was moved.

Back then when I studied in CESL, Tucson, my teacher, Kathleen, asked us to recite the poem in class. We had to memorize it. Kathleen gave us freedom to choose any poem we like to read. And spontaneously, I chose that poem: I Carry Your Heart With Me.

I got the very last turn. I still remember how it felt like. I still remember how my hearts thumped while reciting. I still remember the line that I almost forgot but lastly, I did it. Almost perfect.

When I went back to my seat, my Nicaraguan friend, Maria, told me that I read it very clearly and smoothly. I was happy. After that, Kathleen gave me high five, too! Steve, the other teacher who witnessed all the recitation said that I make ‘something good’ in class.

Thankyou E.E. Cummings!

*another sleepless night*


Worth to read



Cate Blanchett is a double-dealing politician who is secretly running a drug ring through the maritime trade of her homestate, Louisiana. Lupita Nyong’o is the crack investigative reporter who busts her, setting off a scandal throughout Washington and uncovering layer upon layer of corruption, up to the highest levels.  Federal policy on no-bid contracts is rocked, as are American notions of truth, justice, and blondes.  Best Picture Oscar, and shared wins for both Blanchett & Nyong’o in the Best Actor category. (Yes: Best Actor.) 

Cate Blanchett & Lupita Nyong'o photographed by Cliff Watts for Entertainment Weekly, Feb 2014 Cate Blanchett & Lupita Nyong’o photographed by Cliff Watts for Entertainment Weekly, Feb 2014


Late last night I got into a rip-roaring feminist mood, which is not unusual. I am, after all, a woman, and a writer, and I spend a lot of my time looking at heinously genderskewed media, whether it’s film, theater, TV, or books. Most typically, particularly in the Award-Winning Categories…

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How Lucky

How lucky I am,
having such a really lovely and sincere mother.

Having the nicest five sisters in the world.

Even we can’t count on our father anymore, he is still here with us.

Which of the favors of your Lord will you deny? (Ar Rahman)

Thankyou ya Rabb.

I worship nothing but You.


Get Published!

So, I joined Writing Class by Windy Ariestanty this afternoon and it was really useful. She is an editor in Gagasmedia, one of big publisher in Indonesia, and these are some things I can share with you.

Instead of use handwriting, type your manuscript before you send it to publisher. It will help editors to read it.

Attach your synopsis, so editors can find the big picture of your story.

Give some reasons why the company have to publish your story. Show them the strengths of your works.

Package your manuscript nicely.

Make sure you put your name, address, e-mail and contact numbers. Don’t let your works leave unknown.

Create the titles! That’s a writer’s duty. Not publisher.

Okaay, that’s it for tonight. I will post some more tomorrow.


Writing Class

This Sunday, AkberMks is opening writing class with Windy Ariestanti, a woman who works in big publisher in Indonesia.

I want to join.

She will tell us how to write and how to attract a company to publish our works.

I wish I have a seat.


My Day

Okeh, it’s about yesterday.

Actually my day started with the cancellation of Miss Shinta to be my company to go to Makassar Int’l Writer Festival. She was waking up when I arrived at Gate 2 near Wesabbe, which is at 9.30 am. Another broken promises.

So I went there by myself.

Alhamdulillah, thank God, the event was really great. There were Suciwati Munir and the Navicula band member, Roby or something like that came and explain about “Refuse to Forget”. Munir, Suci’s husband, was the human rights activist who was killed ten years ago in his way to Amsterdam from Jakarta. Until now, the murderer hasn’t captured yet. And that’s Suci and friends striving to ask for the government.

After that, I went to my office in BTP. But when I arrived, my boss was angry due to the confirmation I haven’t told her about had another teacher class to teach.

Another missed communication.

But yeah I have just arrived at home safe and sound and I am waiting for someone ask “have you arrived yet?”. Hahaha. I miss someone so bad. But he hasn’t replied my everything.