My Day

Okeh, it’s about yesterday.

Actually my day started with the cancellation of Miss Shinta to be my company to go to Makassar Int’l Writer Festival. She was waking up when I arrived at Gate 2 near Wesabbe, which is at 9.30 am. Another broken promises.

So I went there by myself.

Alhamdulillah, thank God, the event was really great. There were Suciwati Munir and the Navicula band member, Roby or something like that came and explain about “Refuse to Forget”. Munir, Suci’s husband, was the human rights activist who was killed ten years ago in his way to Amsterdam from Jakarta. Until now, the murderer hasn’t captured yet. And that’s Suci and friends striving to ask for the government.

After that, I went to my office in BTP. But when I arrived, my boss was angry due to the confirmation I haven’t told her about had another teacher class to teach.

Another missed communication.

But yeah I have just arrived at home safe and sound and I am waiting for someone ask “have you arrived yet?”. Hahaha. I miss someone so bad. But he hasn’t replied my everything.



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