Notes from Rain

It’s been raining since morning. I planned to go to Zoya in Perintis today but because of rain, I postpone that plan. Here is one reason I really want to have a car. My parents cannot afford it neither my sister and me. So, yeah. I don’t put my hope too high on reality.

Ramadhan is going to an end. Couple days more. It’s time to put a big mirror in front of me and reflect “am I now a better person than last Ramadhan?”

Only God knows.

So many bad news recently. Gaza has blown up with missile, so many innocent people died. MH17 airlines was shot down in Ukraine, 295 died. Typhoon in Phlippine.

But so many happy days too from my family and friend. Like I said before, my two sisters passed the entrance exam in Senior High School and Hasanuddin University. It was like a miracle.

My two friends are getting married. And probably I will attend her wedding in Jakarta this November.

Work in office getting harder. But I am already 6th ONC this month. Time flies.



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