Happy Eid Mubarak!

For this post I want to say happy Eid Mubarak for all my Moslem brother and sister! May Allah grants us with love and mercy.

This year, I celebrate Eid Fitri with my family in first day and with my best friends in second day. I was beyond happy. Alhamdulillah.

Talking about my bestfriends, I called it Calistoseven. Until now it’s been seven years since our first time meeting in university. Everytime I gather with them it’s just fun, full of laughter and silly jokes, sometimes motivating and moving. I like them.

It was treasure seeing some people who receive you, who accept you without reservation, without consideration. Unconditional friend. Friends whom you comfortable with. Sharing ideas, talk stupid issues, tell your secret and dirty  habit. That happens when I am with them.

Maybe I am too much, but that’s how I feel. I just can be who I truly am without begging them so they can love me back. So they can make me their friends. Nowadays, that rarely happens. Nowadays, people stab their friends’ back. Currently, people betray people. So when you find love in a perfect place and situation, trust me that worths a world. Keep it.



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