Tell Me What is the Best Way to Declare Our Love

Tell me something I am dying want to know.
What is the best way to declare our love to someone we care?

Is it enough to ask them on a typical meeting, in the best place we could imagine. And at the best moment we directly say, “I love you, you know”
Or maybe “hey, I think I’m in love with you”
Or “what do you think about an idea of we go on a date?”
Or we tell a long story about how we end up fall in love with them.

And what if they say,
“Sorry, I am afraid we can’t be together as a couple”,
“No, you have misunderstood about you and me”,
“Sorry, I have girlfriend”,

How can we face that kind of reactions?
How can we hold the tears to stream down our face?
How can we fake our smile, our laugh, to pretend that our feeling is okay after rejection?

Yeah, hold still. Don’t say it if you are too afraid, too worry. Don’t declare your feeling.

But then, how can you know whether she or he has the same feeling with you or not?

Nothing haunts us like the things we don’t say. Right?

But what is the best way?

Makassar, 2014


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