My First Nephew Has Passed Away

baby boy

baby boy

Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun

See you in Jannah (insha Allah), kiddos.
Rest in Peace in heaven.
R.I.P Muhammad Adam Fauzy (a first son, first grandchild, first nephews)



Been a week not post something here. I am currently reading Veronica Roth’s Insurgent. It is cool.

So many bad news happened in a week. But good things also occured.

My sister’s backpack was stolen. Her laptop and wallet has gone. The baby twins are still in hospital without any good progress. and it affects me emotionally. It’s just so hard to smile and feel energetic in class.

But besides those things, there are good news. Things to thank for. Things that makes me realize Allah never sleeps. We are heard. Prays are answered. It will be. Insha Allah.

One of the good news is I had a new phone. I am using it now to type this. I wanted to use iPhone since ages.

My two used phones, I gave them to my sisters. My parents cannot afford them to a new ones so I guess it was a really nice idea to charity them to my sisters. Now everybody has a phone. Everybody’s happy.


Twins. Nephews.

Around 11pm just now, my sister has given birth her boys. Yes, twins.

Tapi berat dua anaknya masih rentan. Satunya 1,8 kg dan satunya bahkan cuma 1,2 kg.

Keduanya masih di inkubator.

Saya menulis ini di rumah. Info kondisi  rumah sakit dilaporkan langsung sama sepupu-sepupu disana.

I have to take care of my little sisters here. So I couldn’t go there.

Ya Allah. Please. Please. Semoga dua keponakanku bertahan. Kuat. Semoga kakakku diberi kekuatan. Dan bertahan. Aamin.

Terimakasih ya Tuhanku.


A Baby is Nothing But Magic

My sisters was hospitalized. Yes, sisters. One in Makassar, one in Bulukumba- 7 hours driving from Makassar.

Warni, the oldest, is about to give birth her first children. She’s got twins in her belly. I got home hours ago and she’s gone with her husband and our parents. I do pray for her and her children.

And Ayu, younger than me, is in Bulukumba. When I heard the news I called her. All I got to listen is her sigh. She couldn’t even speak one word and asked me to not call her. She was in pain.

Oh Lord.

Give them strength. I am begging please.


Sleep Hard

It’s 12.45 pm and I just woke up. Luckily it is Sunday. I needn’t work. I also don’t have appoinment or something that oblige me to wake up early. I slept after I do Subh pray this morning.

Why did I sleep so hard like this?

Maybe I was too tired.

Yesterday I woke up at 8 am. At 9 am I was in ELC to take the IELTS simulation. At 1 pm I was in office. At 5 pm I was in revius office until 9pm. I slept 12.30 am something.

Until this time.
Sleep hard.

I miss someone call me Sunshine. I miss talking a lot, sharing a lot, writing a lot. About everything. Rindu sampai-sampai kalau terjadi lagi, saya pasti merasa asing. Unknown feeling.

Have a nice weekend everyone!