Sleep Hard

It’s 12.45 pm and I just woke up. Luckily it is Sunday. I needn’t work. I also don’t have appoinment or something that oblige me to wake up early. I slept after I do Subh pray this morning.

Why did I sleep so hard like this?

Maybe I was too tired.

Yesterday I woke up at 8 am. At 9 am I was in ELC to take the IELTS simulation. At 1 pm I was in office. At 5 pm I was in revius office until 9pm. I slept 12.30 am something.

Until this time.
Sleep hard.

I miss someone call me Sunshine. I miss talking a lot, sharing a lot, writing a lot. About everything. Rindu sampai-sampai kalau terjadi lagi, saya pasti merasa asing. Unknown feeling.

Have a nice weekend everyone!