Been a week not post something here. I am currently reading Veronica Roth’s Insurgent. It is cool.

So many bad news happened in a week. But good things also occured.

My sister’s backpack was stolen. Her laptop and wallet has gone. The baby twins are still in hospital without any good progress. and it affects me emotionally. It’s just so hard to smile and feel energetic in class.

But besides those things, there are good news. Things to thank for. Things that makes me realize Allah never sleeps. We are heard. Prays are answered. It will be. Insha Allah.

One of the good news is I had a new phone. I am using it now to type this. I wanted to use iPhone since ages.

My two used phones, I gave them to my sisters. My parents cannot afford them to a new ones so I guess it was a really nice idea to charity them to my sisters. Now everybody has a phone. Everybody’s happy.