We are so far apart
Yet so close
I can see your eyelashes
I want to blow them so they’ll fly
And make your eyes naked

So you can completely see me
You will appreciate
My presence

I love you
I love you
I love you

And I need your attention


My Favourite Parts of Body

My favourite parts of my body are my eyebrow and chin.

Actually I love everything God has given me but I have my favorites.

Why eyebrow and chin?

Simply because they’re beautiful and unique. The eyebrow is perfectly curved and thin. I mean I needn’t to tidy it up or put something to bold its shape.
My chin is long and sharp. I don’t know why its shape like that. But it makes my round face isn’t too round.

Oh yeah, below is a picture of me and my sister. I am the one who is wearing hijab.



Dreams Come True

Before this phone is dead and I go to sleep. I just want to write that I am so proud seeing my friends had their dreams come true! I am beyond happy having them so succeed in their career path.
I want to be like them too.
I want to make my dreams come true too.
I have promised to myself.
I need triggers! A powerful one!



Dear M,
Perempuan mungkin tak pernah memiliki dirinya sendiri. Sebelum menikah, dia milik orangtuanya. Setelah menikah, dia punya suaminya. Terlebih jika ia telah menjadi ibu, anak-anaknya akan memiliki dirinya seluruh jiwa dan raga.



This morning I successfully woke up before 6 am and start to run!

I forget how does it feel like to run. I am not into sport. I don’t like running without reason. But the idea to live a healthy life wakes me up. I have to get in shape! What’s the point when you are rich, talented and beautiful if you are sick easily?

So I ran. I didn’t know that run could be that hard. My lungs screamed for air, my feet became so heavy I almost couldn’t make them move. But I kept running and it was so good.

I wish I could do it maybe more, continually.



Mom cried while she was hugging me in car tonight. I don’t know what happen with her. It is unusual thing. When Lulu asked about her blurry redish eyes, she said she was upset not having a son.

But I don’t trust what she said.

There must be something went wrong.