First Time Teaching Without Voice

Today was awful. I woke up at 10.15 am. I arrived at 12 am in Lagaligo to have a meeting with Miss Fa. In fact, our appointment was at 11.

So she asked me to join in her team. The special team who responsible to create a new student book for Young Adult students. I said yes and then I went back to BTP.

I had no idea how am I supposed to teach my students with my condition. I lost my voice, I only can whisper. And it wasn’t okay.

I couldn’t order food, I couldn’t answer telephone, I couldn’t speak anything at all.

So how was my class?
Honestly, it was quite well. I made a greeting cards. It said “Good afternoon”, “how are you today?”, “I can’t speak”, and “I lost my voice”. So my students knew about my condition.

And they were very cooperative! Although I have to write every single thing I have to say so whiteboard was full. But it was okay. The only thing I found hard teaching them is pronunciation. Especially a new vocabulary. So I whispered them.

It is hard to live without voice. It is really! When I got home with ojek, it was difficult to tell where he should take me.

I can’t remember the last time I lost my voice because of cough. Wish me luck tomorrow!



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