Baby Ahdan is Two Months Old

Do you still remember about my twins nephews I’ve written here?
Yes. I know. They are not twins anymore since Adam passed away when he was 2 weeks old. But the other, Ahdan, still survived. He is 2 months old now. Let ne write about his depressing condition.

Good news is he is out of incubator. Now he is taken care of in a casual room in hospital. Before we can enter the room, we should clean our hands with sanitizer first.

Ahdan’s body is dark. He is sometimes yellow, sometimes he’s blue. His normal colour is dark, brown dark. He turns to green when he has breathing difficulties like choking. He turns yellow when his asphyxiate be worse.

I hope Ahdan is getting better day by day. I pray for his healthy. I wish for he can be stronger than before. You are Jagoan, Nak! The Boy Who Lived!



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