Begin Again (2014)


It’s been ages not to review something here again. FYI, I post all my reviews in here you can check them out. So let’s start with the review of my most favorite movie this year which is “Begin Again”.

this is an american musical-comedy drama about how to take a next step when your life become a mess. John Carney, the director, had intended to give it the title “Can a Song Save Your Life?”. After succeeded with his previous movie “Once” (2007), this time Carney employed Gregg Alexander to compose most of the film’s music. The movie stars Keira Knightley as a singer-songwriter who met with record label executive, Mark Ruffalo. Together they produce an album recorded in public locations all over New York City.

After broke up with her boyfriend, Dave Kohl (Adam Levine), Gretta James (Keira Knightley) decided to go back from NYC to England. But when Dan Mulligan (Mark Ruffalo) persuade her to work together, she said yes.

Well there are so many factors that can make a remarkable heartwarming movie, but I think this movie won my heart since Gretta came up to the stage and sang “A Step You Can’t Take Back” with Dan’s imagination with his own arrangement.

But honestly, my favorite song is “Lost Stars” sang by Dave Kohl at the end of the movie. I have repeated the scene many times and thus far I haven’t got bored. And you know, Adam Levine was the only person Carney considered casting as Dave. After he got the role, he declined to be paid for appearing in the film. Adam had had minor acting parts on the television before, so Begin Again marked his first role in the film.


If You Ain’t Happy With Me

If you ain’t happy with me
I will let you go
If you think you’ll be happier without me
Please don’t stay

Saat itu aku tahu dari berat suaramu bahwa kau tak lagi bahagia bersamaku. Lama kupikirkan apakah aku harus tetap memelukmu menuruti egois ku atau sebaiknya kulepaskan saja kau.

Kemudian kuputuskan untuk melepaskan saja. Karena untuk apa aku tetap bersamamu jika kau tak lagi bahagia bersamaku?

Tapi kau salah tafsir.
Kau pikir aku mudah menyerah,
Kau nilai aku tak cinta padamu karena aku begitu mudah berkata “baiklah, akhiri saja jika itu maumu”,
Padahal yang kupikirkan hanyalah kebahagiaanmu.
Dan hanya orang yang benar-benar kuat dan tulus mencintai yang bisa seperti itu.


We Live Only Once

I heard this phrase so many times. We live only once, seize it, be happy, sing many songs you haven’t sang, read and write books you haven’t imagined. travel many places you’ve never been. kiss someone you dare to love. the list grows on and on and on.

life shouldn’t burden us more than we can bear.
we should be happy and thankful

I want to be loved by someone I care. I want to spend the rest of my life in a country near the ocean with my family and friends. I want to live peaceful by reading books, write letters, and talk.

But I have to pass the storm, the struggling when I am still young if I want to live a life like that.

Life shouldn’t burden us, but we have to fight our life. and it is not EASY.
because even a HEAVEN got a PRICE.


Good Night

Enough said
I just want to hear “good night, baby”
from you
even you are one million miles away from my bed
you know?
you are never far
in my mind
you are nearer than my own brain cells
you are nearer than anything I could imagine
you, my dear, are the air I breathe
you, my darling, that keeps my heart beats

“Good night, baby”,
and you kissed me for the very last time
when I lay down my body
in my own coffin


He Left Me With My Heart in His Hand

Mom once told me a story which I think is a real event in the past.

“He left. That man left me after he promised to come back and marry me. But he lied. He lied and I was stupid”, she said.

“After he’s gone, I could barely feel anything. I wondered where was my heart going and I realize: he stole it. He took my heart with him. And how am I supposed to love someone else wholeheartedly?”

Mama pernah bercerita satu kisah yang kusangka adalah masa lalu yang nyata.
“Dia pergi. Lelaki itu pergi meninggalkanku setelah berjanji akan kembali dan menikahiku. Tapi dia bohong dan aku bodoh”, ujarnya.

Setelah ia pergi, aku tak bisa merasakan apapun. Aku bertanya-tanya kemana hatiku pergi dan aku sadar: dia telah mencurinya. Dia membawa hatiku pergi bersamanya. Bagaimana bisa aku bisa mencintai orang lain sepenuh hati?


Anak Rindu

Jarak dan cinta melahirkan rindu.
Begitu kata orang yang lalu kau
ulang-ulangi padaku di telepon.
Kubilang padamu,
Rinduku semakin besar terpelihara.
Semakin besar rinduku,
makin cantik dirimu,
makin besar inginku membenamkan wajahmu dalam dada.
makin segar wangi rambutmu
dalam ingatan pucuk hidungku.

Delapan tahun kita memelihara rindu,
tanpa pernah lagi saling bertemu.
Masihkah kau menganggapku masa depanmu,