Hello 2015!

It’s unbelieveable sometimes realizing how fast time flies. Now it’s January and in a blink of eye, we will hop to March, move to July and then Ramadhan, Ied Fitri and another new year- another calendar at home.

There is a lot of events happened: tears, joy, stressful, presents and brokenheart we have passed before the new year is coming.

Alhamdulillah, Allah gives me another opportunity to live and be a human. I am so thankful surrounded by so many amazing people, family and friends which make me wonder I might be the luckiest girl in a world.

Do I have to make resolution?
I think so.
But you know, I don’t give a damn whether the resolution will be fulfilled or not. The point is I make some. So the urge of excitement can fill my mind and body, make me move and happy.

I hope I can be a better person. I hope I can be a better daughter, a better sister, a better worker, a better teacher, a better umat. I hope all my wishes will come true.

Happy New Year 2015 everyone!!!



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