The Most Beautiful Girl is You

I never expect myself as a beautiful girl yet I want that, too. I am surrounded by a lot of sexier an prettier girl friends. They are just everywhere I turn my head to. They are everywhere, everytime I open my instagram or path timeline. That makes me a little envy and makes my confidence boost down.

But my Mom just told me that I was the most beautiful girl in the wedding reception last night.

“You are the prettiest. no doubt about it”, Mom said.

Mom even said that I am more beautiful than Lulu, my prettiest sister (for me she is the prettiest among us)

I know beauty doesn’t matter when you have a remarkable attitude. I very understand that it doesn’t measure something about being a good person. Eka Kurniawan said “Cantik itu Luka” (Beauty is a Wound) since women usually got hurt for the beauty- sake. I mean the cosmetics, skin treatments, diet pills even surgery. Those hurts them. But like a men needs love, women needs them when it’s torture them.

I never expect myself as a beautiful girl. Everytime I look into the mirror, I am always thankful to God for pairing my Mom and my Dad as a husband and wife. 😘


here’s a picture last night


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