What’s Wrong

I am not good at giving a good title for my each posting.

Yesterday, I went to the office by a rented-motorcycle (known as “ojek” here in Indonesia). At first I wasn’t sure about the looks of the man who rode it. He smoked. He has a black long curly hair. He smelled bad. He even sounded awful when he asked where I wanted to go.

But you know?

Everything about his bad impression has gone when he told me about his plan to have his son learning english in my place.

“How much money I have to pay if I want to register my son learning english in your place?” He asked.

“It’s around 1,3 million for each level”, I replied.

What surprised me is I was aware about his salary he gets from “ngojek” every day. But still, he wants to get his son learning english. What a father! What a parents!



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