Rahma said on the telephone that day,
“I am not afraid with the future. I want to let God surprises me”,

And I was like,
“Damn, she is right”

I was afraid of my future (well, who’s not?). I was afraid about my career, about my love story, even about the death.

But God. The Almighty, always surprised me. Somehow, I don’t like or I don’t understand the Plan. Sometimes I get angry if something happens unplannned or something happens outside my coverage.

“Dear God, what do you plan on me? Why me? Why did this happen? Why now?”

Those questions I always ask, always remained unanswered.

But then, day by day, I accept it with my sincere feeling. And I understand all the things.

And when I accept it, I am happy again. I relieved.

So I want to be surprised. I want to accept all the things God planned for me.

I hope I won’t be afraid about the future anymore. Because Allah is the Most Gracious. And nothing I need to worry about when I give all of my life in God’s hand.



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