One of the perks having new friend is you can gain many new things. If you open your mind for new things, you’ll get much insight. 

I’ve been getting along with Mr Amin for couple weeks so far. We weren’t so close before. But nowadays after I got moved to Sudiang, we discussed many things together on our way home. He shows me his favorite movies and I show him mine. He asked me to watch all those movies and I asked him the same thing. 

So today reluctantly, I’ve watched Detective K and Empire of Lust- from his recommendation. They’re all Korean movie and they are all colossal- kind of movie which I dislike. 

And surprisingly, either Detective K or Empire of Lust could make so curious so I’ve finished them in one sitting. 

Tomorrow, I will watch five other movies from him and yes, they are all korean! Mr Amin surely has an unusual taste of movie. 


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