I am watching this detective movie from DVD. I have been hearing how incredible Benedict Cumberbatch takes the main role as Sherlock with Martin Freeman as dr John Watson. However, I never watch the movie, until a week ago. 

And that was brilliantly made. 

I am not a fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I don’t read his books, even one. I just love detective story. I am always in awe everytime Sherlock opens his mouth and explains the details – that common people don’t see, but looks obvious in his eyes. When dr John Watson met him for the first time, Sherlock had to remind him to stop saying “fantastic”. 
And have you noticed the look of Watson’s when Sherlock says “Obviously” ? It’s like he wants to yell at Sherlock “No, it’s not really obvious to me, please explain!” 

Watson : “how do you know?”

Sherlock : “obviously”

Watson : “obviously?” 
I mean, this is one of the best television film I’ve seen and this is also my favorite. Investigation and intelligence always excites me! 



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