Trial and Error

Malam ini topik pembicaraannya masih soal relationship. Diatas angkot yang melaju ke arah rumah, dia menatap wajahku yang jelas sedang memikirkan  sesuatu. 

👦 : mikir apa? soal trial and error lagi?

👧 : iya. 

👦 : kan sudah kujawab.

👧 : I don’t understand. 

👦 : gak ada yang rasional kalo ngomong soal perasaan. 

👧 : when they say “heart”, where the hell is that? I only know one, its function is pumping the blood. 

👦 : it’s right here. *tap his chest with his palm* 

👧 : how do they know it’s there?

👦 : because the pain is in here. not in any place. 

👧 : why do they call it heart, too? Why don’t they name it with another name? 

👦 shrugged 

👧 : so they have two hearts. 

👦 : yes. one to pump the blood, another to feel something. 

👧 : this is my stop. see you. 


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