He is a friend. He might turn into someone more than that. He took me to office. He accompanied me to bookshop and to some cool events in my city. He asked me for having lunch and dinner together. We had lunch once and dinner three times. He smells like something I never know. He  is not attractive. He speaks fast I sometimes hard to catch up. He texts me good morning, good night and something like “don’t forget to have your breakfast this morning”. 

He is still a student in university. He makes a lot of friends. Every place I go with him, there are always people who greets him, say hello and shake hands. He asked once, “are you comfortable with me?”, and I replied “No problem for me”. Which is not the answer.

I want to say that I don’t get use to be with a man like this. It’s been so long since a man gave me so much attention, like everyday. It’s been ages since I had someone to accompany me anywhere I want to go. Now I feel awkward. But it doesn’t mean I don’t like talking with you, I do like talking with you, time feels like flying everytime we talk. 

But what are we doing now? What are we? I have promised to myself to lock my heart for a while and not let anyone comes in. So I hope you can tell me exactly your intention or I will ask you first. So I can decide. about everything. that happened and will happen. between you and I. 



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