What Is Love

Since the day I met you, K, I always wonder what love is, what it is made of. How love can make us this way. How is it even possible for two people love each other when they used to be stranger? 

Or what makes me think that giving my heart to you is a good idea? what crossed my mind when I decided to be together with you until the end? 

You are love, sweetheart. You are the jacket that protects me in a cold weather. You are my living-alarm that awakes me every single night. You are the ice cream melted in my tongue. You are my skipping heartbeat, the butterflies in my stomach. You are the man I can trust and rely on. You are my reminder of my pray. You are all my favorite things in mind. You show me love and affection and attention without being cheesy. You make me laugh and happy.  You tell me a story of us in the future. 

You want me only to love you and to be by your side and I surely will do. You take me as I am and never worried about my flaws.

“I can’t cook”, I said. “It’s okay”, you said.

“I always wake up late”, I said. “I’ll wake you up”, you said. 

“I am getting sick easily”, I said. “I’ll take care of you”, you said. 

“I don’t like working. It is tiring”, I said. “Don’t work. I will fulfill everything you need”, you said. 

“Okay”, I said. “Okay”, you said. 
Thank you, K, to have found me. 

and please. don’t make all of these things become bullshit in the future. 



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