I Don’t Need Drugs, You’re My Cure

K is a candidate of a doctor. He’s been studying medical since 2008 and now he is having his co-ass phase. He spends all his time only in hospital, but every weekend, he has free time, it means he is with me (yey!) or with his friends. 
That’s why maybe tonight, he showed me his never-ending attention (again) by coming into my house. Yes, abruptly. Like usual. 

“I’m on my way to your home”, he said. 

“What for?”, I asked.

“I want to give you things”, he replied.

“Oke”, I said. 

Next time I knew, one carton of Asam Mefenamat 500mg contains 10 strips and one carton of Paracetamol with the same dosage, were in my hand. 

“Are your teeth okay?”, K asked. 

“Yes”, I answered.

“I read your line but I thought it’s too late. You wrote your gums were swollen”, he said. “So these are some drugs to reduce the pain”, 

It’s not one strip. It’s one carton, for Godsake. This man always knows how to surprise me with his exagerrating way. 

He brought me also Dilan by Pidi Baiq just because I said I have download the ebook version. 

“You needn’t read the ebook. Just read this”, he handed me the paperback. 

And then he’s gone back home. 

I don’t need drugs, he is my cure. You are my cure. 


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