Maybe some of you still wonder, why do I like K? What attracts me most about him? Well, you know, that question also always comes up in my mind. 
FYI, he is not attractive, at all. Well, physically. He has black skin: typical East people, he is plumpy with big stomach, he is taller than me, his body is covered by hair. 

But he has this smile that could melt my heart, he has this kind of staring that could paralyze my eyes. He has a very big heart that he can use to love me and accept all my flaws. 
He came into my house couple hours ago and brought me a bouquet of pink roses! I super loveeed it, I couldn’t stop smiling!
He surprised me a looot. 
And those are his most charming-attraction that attracts most. 

And I haven’t told you about his brain. 

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