What If

Having such good friends around sometimes burdens me. They expect so many things from you to do because they want to see you achieve your aspiration. They want to see you have a good life, good career, good recognition.

Sometimes I act such a coward by thinking: “hey, it doesn’t matter if I want it, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen”-

Then my friends will absolutely say: “why not?”

Exactly like Erin Gruwell said to her husband.

You know, sometimes it jumps my mind every time I wake up in the morning like this moment. “Ri, you have to do something with your life like they expect you to be”,

But you know, sometimes it’s just too hard to do it once you are in your safe zone.

My Mom, K, my bestfriends, love me so much I know. They want me to have better life, not like this life because they are sure I deserve that.

It’s just, you know…



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