Full of Love

If I die young, I’d be known as a lover. I want everybody who will have arrived here, will know that when I was alive, my life was filled with love and only love. 
I love my parents; Ma, Pa. 
I love all my irritating and annoying sisters:  Nong, Ayu, Long, Mellong, Qanita. 

I love K, the love of my life. 

I love my bestfriends whom I can’t tell one by one. There are too many! But of course, Dini- Nita – Rahma- Tya- Isti. They are forever going to be mi mon ami! 
Even when I am about to sleep now, I want to forgive myself. For not making the plans and for making mistakes. I want to make sure that myself awares of the amazing “everything-will-be-fine” quotes. 

Heal inside yourself by forgiving your own. Be happy. Be loved. 



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