Last Day Teaching

Today was my last day teaching my kiddos. No goodbyes, no tears, or hugs or anything. Actually, I didn’t feel anything. 

K was thankful. 

Why? I asked.

I don’t want you to be sad. I want you to feel good so you can let them go so you can move on. He replied. 

So for you who might wonder whether I had plans after this, I’d answer you with  “I’m afraid I don’t”-

I gave up my career as a journalist in 2013 then I started the new one as a teacher in 2014. Now I quit. again. Without any plans ahead. Again. 

Since my sister’s got married last  October, Mom now is putting her expectation on me, financially. Dad is no longer work. He is not able working due to his bad diabetic. Seeing my condition now, make me more miserable. 

But I’m sure there’s must be something precious awaits me there. 

So God. Please. 



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