10 Things I’d Do in 2016

Happy New Yeaaar! 

Here are 10 things I would do in 2016. You can say these are resolutions or missions or aspirations or anything. Here we go.

1. Be a Morning Person

I want to be a morning person forever. I want to be able to do Subuh prayer every 5 am. And not to sleep again after. 

2. Travel Often

I want to travel to many places I’ve never been before. 

3. Have a Stable Relationship

Cliche, huh? What I mean stable here is yes, of course. I’d like to get married. I know this is one of the things I couldn’t handle, but I wonder Allah might hear and might say “Granted, Riana!”. K might consider to propose me, either, this year.🙏

4. Read MORE Books

Last year I was a lousy reader. In 2016 I’d like to read 35 books. Including Al-Qur’an.

5. Learn How to Drive a Car

Not a matic one but a car with 3 pedals and gears.

6. Get a Scholarship

This is also one of the things I couldn’t handle and I wish Allah also said “Granted!” for. 

7. Write MORE

Not only reviews but also short story, poems or who knows? a novel won’t be too high, yes?
8. Get a JOB

Yeah, of course. 

9. Chef Wannabe

I don’t know why but since I know K, I started to learn how to make some food in the kitchen. I cooked spaghetti for him once and I made macaroni schotel for my sisters today. Cooking is just so fun and I want to do more trials of food, more! 

10. Involve in Some Projects

Life has been so dull lately. I missed my college year when I was actively participate in some movie projects in my town. Hopefully, there are cool people who would invite me to involve to their projects. Either it’s charity or arts or anything, I’d be honour to be a part of it. 

So, what are your 10 things? Tell me! 



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