Saya tidak tahu hal salah apa yang saya lakukan hari ini yang membuat saya merasa gelisah. Tadi kupikir saya bisa tenang saat berwudhu, berdiri solat Isya – yang malah jadi rusak karena saya lupa duduk diantara dua sujud. Kemudian gelisahnya tak mau pergi bahkan setelah saya mengaji.

Saya merasa mungkin ada sesuatu yang terjadi di rumah sakit pada K. Pesan-pesanku belum satupun dibalasnya.

Mama bilang saya mungkin hanya kurang tidur. 


Saya ingin sekali menangis. Tapi  Tita sedang tidur disampingku. 



Yoga with Adriene

Basically, I like doing sport. I like the sweat and the heat that burns my body. I like the feeling of having my body move. I like it because I feel like doing something to my body besides sitting, reading or walking.

When I think about doing sport, I did only running. I ran around the track of my old campus. I can feel the sunshine, the street, the sore in my legs when I have ran around for an hour.

But now, instead of running, I try to do yoga.

And when I thought about yoga, I want to try it out online, you know it costs less money. All I have to provide was only a mat and internet connection. So, that’s where I “met” 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene.

I started it 10 days ago. and because I have so much time in my house, I can manage doing it well.

I was surprised to myself, to my body.

I am looking forward to finish the challenge in day 30. Now, 20 days have left.

I now do what I’ve never done and it feels good.


9th Month

We have reached the 9th month, baby! 
It’s such an accomplishment, isn’t it? I am happy and you are delighted! 
We still love each other, we know and understand one another. We try our best to work this relationship on as a team. 

Di path, Chank selalu tulis kalau dia sering sekali nonton suaminya tidur and it’s one of her most favorite things she enjoys doing. Everytime I read her post, I just think she’s crazy. 

However, I visualize if someday I’d be wife and you would be the person who sleeps beside me. I might be as crazy as her. 

I might sleepless. I might spend all night watching you sleep and thinking about how I love you and how happy I was with you. 

The same thing I always think about when I see your face. 

I lost in time. 
Melee bilang di lagunya Built to Last: ‘Cause this is real, and this is good. It warms the inside just like it should, but most of all it’s built to last.’
I hope we are built to last, sayang.