9th Month

We have reached the 9th month, baby! 
It’s such an accomplishment, isn’t it? I am happy and you are delighted! 
We still love each other, we know and understand one another. We try our best to work this relationship on as a team. 

Di path, Chank selalu tulis kalau dia sering sekali nonton suaminya tidur and it’s one of her most favorite things she enjoys doing. Everytime I read her post, I just think she’s crazy. 

However, I visualize if someday I’d be wife and you would be the person who sleeps beside me. I might be as crazy as her. 

I might sleepless. I might spend all night watching you sleep and thinking about how I love you and how happy I was with you. 

The same thing I always think about when I see your face. 

I lost in time. 
Melee bilang di lagunya Built to Last: ‘Cause this is real, and this is good. It warms the inside just like it should, but most of all it’s built to last.’
I hope we are built to last, sayang. 



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