Yoga with Adriene

Basically, I like doing sport. I like the sweat and the heat that burns my body. I like the feeling of having my body move. I like it because I feel like doing something to my body besides sitting, reading or walking.

When I think about doing sport, I did only running. I ran around the track of my old campus. I can feel the sunshine, the street, the sore in my legs when I have ran around for an hour.

But now, instead of running, I try to do yoga.

And when I thought about yoga, I want to try it out online, you know it costs less money. All I have to provide was only a mat and internet connection. So, that’s where I “met” 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene.

I started it 10 days ago. and because I have so much time in my house, I can manage doing it well.

I was surprised to myself, to my body.

I am looking forward to finish the challenge in day 30. Now, 20 days have left.

I now do what I’ve never done and it feels good.


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