I can’t function well without my laptop and iPhone. It’s like I put half of my life inside them. All my works, photos, important files, songs, emails are there.

Keeping them in a good condition is one of the duty I must prioritise all the time including keeping them alive. In this matter, I rely on their each charger. If I can’t live without my gadgets, they can’t live without their charger. So, keeping the charger well is as important as keeping the gadget itself. 

This afternoon, my laptop’s charger was broken. My heart shattered because I knew I can’t afford a new one and I have a work to do. 

But suddenly, something pushed me to check my old laptop’s charger in the drawer which was still there somehow. So, it was really still there, the cable was covered with dust. I connected it to my laptop and HOW RELIEVED I was the minute I saw that orange light meaning it’s charging. 

I was so lucky. 

Months ago, same thing happened with my iPhone. I was worried so much because the fact that iPhone’s original stuff are so expensive. But suddenly I remembered. 

I remembered that K had the same iPhone with me. It was broken for so long but the charger was not! 

I texted him about my situation and hours later, he popped up in front of my house with the charger I wanted. 

Ah, how lucky I was. 

How lucky I am.





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