aku mencintaimu
seperti layang-layang pada angin yang membuatnya tetap terbang
seperti air yang membuat ikan-ikan dalam kolam tetap hidup

aku mencintaimu
seperti kancing dan kemeja
seperti pedal dan kayuh
seperti darah dan jantung
seperti penyair dan kata-kata asing
seperti sesuatu yang tak bisa berfungsi dengan baik
tanpa satu sama lain

aku mencintaimu
saat gelap
saat rabun
saat usang
saat lemah
dengan tabah

aku mencintaimu
dengan kerinduan
seorang bocah belasan tahun
yang pertama kali jatuh cinta




The most frequent question that popped in my head everytime I see K in person: why do I like him? Are you out of your mind? He looks so different from you and he’s not physically attractive.

But then I walk beside him. I sit side by side with him. We talk and talk and talk and he feels like a good friend. 

and I don’t care anymore about the question. About friends and family who underestimate his looks and appearance and think about how different we are and how we’re not supposed to be together. 

I like him and that’s enough. We are just fit together like a key and a keyhole, like a 36-shoe-size with my foot. 

Do we need a reason to fall in love?