Cooking Sayur Lodeh Tumis

Seriously, I could make an account on and share all my recipe there. Hahaha. 
Today I cooked this Sayur Lodeh Tumis. I don’t know how to call it in English. 

Mom taught me. 
First, mash 2 onions, 3 garlics with some pepper (a spoonful will be okay). 
Heat some cooking oil and stir-fry the mashed onions garlics pepper for one minute until the colour changes. 

Add the chopped-lodeh into the pan. 

In a different pot, stew some shrimps (its head only)  with 2 glasses of water for around 10-15 minutes. 

Using the strainers, add the stewed-head shrimp-water to the pan. Leave the head shrimp (don’t add it also to the pan)
Add some salt

Keep cooking until the lodeh is tender. Add some water if necessary. 

And this is it! 

Happy cooking! 




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