Good Partner

As a good partner, I should understand and be patient when he’s busy in hospital. I mean really busy he can’t even call or reply even one text/ chat. I should understand when his girl friend comes to town and he asked permission to spend days with her. Like he did last weekend. 

I lost my weigh these last six months due to my depression. Nobody knows about the reason. Everytime Mom or Akbar or my friends ask, I only say: I don’t have appetite to eat. Mom say I have lost half of my body. 

Akbar is concern,too. He puts attention to my weigh now. Everytime he calls, he reminds me to eat much. Last night we met he said he has the special programme.
“I want to gain your weigh! I will treat you eating delicious food so you will be fat again!” 

I laughed. I okayed him.

How sweet of him really. 
His family is coming next week and he asked me to meet them. 


2 thoughts on “Good Partner

  1. Ri, let me give you some advices about what make me gained 10 kg last year. Many people suggested me to take milk everyday if you want to gain weight faster, but unfortunately I hate milk. One day when I got sore throat and cough, Mom asked me to take honey and vitamin (I choose Imboost) before sleeping in the night, then I tried–it never across my mind about this before, I mean taking honey and vitamin at the same time could heal sore throat, but magically the cough and sore throat were gone in the next day I woke up. Then I continued to take the honey daily before I go to sleep every night and the vitamin for once/twice a week, beside I like the taste of the honey, it also makes my body more fit day by day. Then I realized, taking honey everyday have increased my appetite. The honey I meant in here is not Madurasa which you can find in stores haha, but the pure one that you can find in ‘kampung’. That’s the first step. The second is, try to take some sport, like jogging in the morning every weekend or some exercise at home for 30 minutes, this way will makes you get hungry even faster, believe me those ways are works to gain weight, at least on me, but why don’t you give it a shot, right?

    PS: Ibu guru Riana, koreksi dule English ku di atas.

    1. there’s some minor correction but it’s okay as I understand. Thankyou for the tips my dear. Hehehe. Honey and jogging sound okaay. Let’s see if I can gain my weight again. 🙂

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