Blend In

It’s been 6 months I’ve been working in school and I still feel don’t belong to it. I got these complicated coworkers and sometimes I feel get left behind. I feel unwanted. 

Today I didn’t go to school. I informed them about it and they didn’t respond even only with “okay”. 

This is the first time and the first place I feel difficult to blend myself in. Everybody has already got everyone and they don’t want to take anyone new to join in. 

They never feel like to inform me about anything. I have to ask, I have to know by myself, I have to find out by my own. Nobody wants to try to getting closer to me, nobody wants to joke or something. Everything is so formal and strict. They only joke around with their friends and I don’t understand which part the funny sides.

It’s been 6 months and I don’t have a friend. 

I wish everything will be different in a year.