2 Years Ago

2 years ago today Akbar and I decided to be together.  
this has just been my longest ride with someone. 

the memories flooded. 

everything, every single moment.

a good and bad ones.

the laughters, jokes, the endless discussion, hugs, holding hands, sweet words, kisses, dining in a restaurant, watching movies, visiting bookstores, coffee shop, parents meetups, wedding attendees, caressing your hair in the backseat of the car. 

our fighting, jealousy, broken promises, tears and screaming in the middle of the night, lies and confession, sickness, failures, hours and hours of studying and working, boredom, exhaustion.
No one knows what’s ahead of us, but hopefully we can be together in the future, make a family, have children, live in a house, enjoy the holidays and trips. 



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