Nobody Said It Was Easy

Couple nights ago I wondered what did Ilham feel when we broke up. Was it hard for him? Did he find it difficult to forgive and forget me?

Because it was hard for me. I cried. I heard Taylor Swift's Fearless album and I sobbed more. I was devastated. I believe myself would not love anyone else anymore.

It had been happening for 2 years until I knew there was no feeling for him any longer.

I moved on. He's been with many women and I've been with no one.

And then I met Akbar. I didn't have any plan to fall. I just fell in love. It just happened. I didn't know why or when. Last thing I knew, I had been with him for more than 2 years before he announced separation.

And then again, my heart ripped. I was furious and morose. I hate him more than I hated Ilham.

So I wonder, what did he actually feel? Did he feel the same way as with me? Did he also find it difficult to break up, to forget me? How do men cope up with separation? Did his heart also break apart? Or was it just easy for him?

I want to know



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