Marriage is

Let’s admit it. When you are in early 30, settled, and you are still single and alone, it probably means something is wrong with you.

People around you will rise one and only question: when will you get married?

As if getting married is as easy as changing songs on our iPod.


I, myself, think that getting married is a big thing. There are many things we should consider before we decide to do it. It’s not a cheap thing. It’s not only about two people love each other living together. No. It’s not only about I love you and you love me so let’s do it. No.

It needs long term commitment. It takes a hundred years responsibility, patience, sincerity, hardworking and forever and ever compromise.

But it doesn’t mean that marriage is scary and horrifying. No. So many friends of mine finally found their meaning of life after they have family to take care of, husband and children to raise. Marriage is the peak of man and woman relationship. Once they reach the peak, there would be so much hurricane they have to survive. If they don’t, they will fall apart.

The key is sticking together.

P.S: I found this note in my folder, I can’t believe I wrote this. I can’t believe I sounded so expert in this thing while I’m not married, yet.



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