That day, I went to Somba Opu Street with Lam’s family. We wanted to buy some jewelries for me, as my Mahr (dower). He wasn’t with us because he worked in Jakarta. But he kept us company by standing by in phone, just in case I needed him.
Me and his Mom (Bunda) got a wedding ring. It’s a simple ring, plain, made of gold, without anything on it. I liked it instantly. So I said “this is it, this is what I want”. The shopkeeper asked me whether I want to engrave my husband’s name at the backside of the ring or not.

“That would be lovely, thanks”, I said.

The shopkeeper asked me to write it down. So I wrote “Ilham”. Less than a minute, I got a ring with Ilham’s name on it. I couldn’t believe I will wear it once I’m officially married him. Like the rest of my life.

After got home, at night, I called him and told what happened today in detail. I told him I have his name on my ring.

“A complete name?” he asked.
“No, just Ilham”,
“I’d prefer you write Lam to Ilham but that’s okay”,