Open and Close

I prefer a private wedding party with limited people. Only family, colleagues, and close friends will be there. I think about 200-250 people only. They will sit in a round table, eating, talking, laughing, and watching the reception with joyful heart.

I never intend to spread the invitation to any social media. I want to send it one by one. Even it’s through text message, post, email, private message, or I give it personally.

I am the close one. I want only some people, who really know about me, who care, will come.

However, Lam is different. He is the open one.

He would like to invite everybody, every family, every relatives, every friend, colleague, senior, junior, to the event. He thinks about 500 people or more, standing up, enjoying music, food and taking pictures.

He wants to go public, while I want to take private.

We know we are different, but as we write in our invitation:

“Despite of all our differences, we choose to be together”