Renting a House

Rasanya tidak percaya kalau kurang dari 2 minggu lagi (12 hari lagi tepatnya), saya akan menjadi istri seseorang.

Istri seseorang.

I can’t believe myself I’m going to be someone’s wife.

Lam, can you believe it?

Kita berdua akan menjadi pasangan suami istri. Tinggal bersama di satu atap, makan sama-sama, tidur sama-sama dan memutuskan masa depan kita bersama-sama. Jika Allah SWT mengizinkan, kita akan menjadi orangtua dari anak-anak kita.

After we’re married, in this end of a year I will move to Jakarta. I’m going to say goodbye to my family and friends and also all my life in Makassar. You and I are going to live in a rent house near your office.

Our life will be totally different. I’m excited and terrified as well.

Lam, you’re going to be my husband. You are going to be the answer of the unsolved mystery that has been haunting me since my mid 20s.


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